Travel For Antiques

Combine the adventure of travel with the delights of shopping on a Panache antique-buying excursion. France and Italy are our primary destinations, where our guests discover treasure troves of beautiful furniture and furnishings rich with Old World allure. You'll be guided to places off the beaten path, where tourists never tread, giving you access to the unusual, the untouched, the unique.

Panache eliminates the daunting tasks associated with collecting, insuring, and shipping your treasures home. Honorable, experienced, knowledgeable, trusted professionals-proven over 30 years' personal experience working with Peggy Holmes-handle all the arrangements and details, relieving you of stress and concern, freeing you to enjoy every minute of your European adventure.

"Enjoy" understates the experience of traveling for antiques with Panache. You'll be immersed in art and history, absorbed by cultural and culinary delights. You'll lodge in the finest small hotels, inns, chateaux, villas, and former monasteries that provide luxury and service at levels tour book ratings cannot measure. Transportation is also arranged.